The Elephant Theme Party
1 września 2014
Flower Themed Baptism
11 września 2014

Back to School Tags

Hi everyone…today quick and pretty:) Do not have an idea for a small souvenir for yours or your friends kid? How about a stylish pencil box with crayons, pencils or felt tipped pens? Go ahead and download my “back to school” tags for your original packaging. Now you can hand to your pupil the cutest school accessories set ever:) Simply get rid of the original boxes and just tied separately – pencils, crayons and markers with a chosen cord, add the label and here we go:) My dear moms download the desire designs at the end of the page, print labels and fun decorative strips for a fancy school accessories. Who doesn’t want to go to school now? Have a successful school year! Best…

6.09.2014_1 6.09.2014_2 6.09.2014_3 6.09.2014_4

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