Breakfast at Tiffany’s Birthday Party

26 January 2014

26.01.2014_1Hi everyone, I have finely found a bit of time to write a few words about my daughter “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” birthday party. A week before we were celebrating her 7th birthday and I hope we made her dream come true. Nikol saw Tiffany theme party somewhere on the Internet and she simply ask me if I can make one for her too…what could I say:) I’m the mum and it was about her birthday … couldn’t say not to this:). For our decoration we concentrated on Nikol’s best colors picks – aqua & sky-blue, I also added a bit of black and white as it perfectly harmonized with our party theme. I quickly designed Tiffany’s inspired party printable (soon available in our shop) and arranged a set of party accessories all in SimpleParty shop. For my decoration choices see the board at the end of the page. I would also like to thank my lovely friend Jessie for her stunning work on all Tiffany’s cookies and an amazing cake!!! All kids would just love the whole sweet display as well as their parents:). I think our Candy Bar was simply mind-blowing. We also had some other kids activities prepared as “Tiffany jewelry shop” for all to make their own pearl bracelets and necklaces, a little ‘Hair dresser shop” – for Audrey hair style and “ Jessie Tiffany cookies sweet stand” for all kids to style their own fancy theme biscuits. I think there is no need to say more …simply enjoy our photo tour….

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