Princess Jasmine Inspired Eva’s 6th Birthday Party
28 marca 2014
Knights and Princess Birthday Party
2 maja 2014

DIY Easter Sweet Display

Hi everyone I would like to share with you today our little Easter creation. Together with my girls we spent Sunday on decorating Easter eggs and making few additional Easter ornaments. We have used several accessories available in our shop as: “Carnival” and ” Powder Blue ” baking cups, blue stripes cups, yellow paper straws and have created a little Easter sweet display. Nikol and Eva decorated their eggs with glitter dots and made special paper baskets for them. For baskets they used our lovely baking cups with an additional paper stripe and nicely presented all on Miss Etoile lemon ceramic cake stand. Have a look also at all photos for glitter dots egg design steps. Go ahead and start Easter creation together with your little ones…and have fun:)

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