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19 grudnia 2013
Pink Love Our First Window Display
12 stycznia 2014

Happy Holiday Dinner at Home


I am so happy to share with you a few photos from dinner I prepared for my family and few friends during the Christmas break:) To be honest I had no time to pay a huge attention for party styling as I had to cook for many people that day. And that is why I chose this simple, a little bit ecological looking decoration to present my buffet and candy bar. I simply used a craft paper, stamps to decorate it, wood and stone platters for finger food and few adorable honeycomb balls hanged over my table. I served few healthy dishes based on virgin olive oil, as grilled tenderloins on the iceberg salad and avocado, grilled pork and green beens, boiled jacket potatoes, beef stroganoff and rice, mix green salad, plus little finger food as fresh bruschettas, mini salmon sandwiches, prosciutto and variety of cheeses, olives and fresh veggie…I tried to make a simple but tasty menu for every gusto, hope you will like the way I presented too.
Enjoy and one more time Happy New Year!!!




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