ITCM Company Reception in Athens

31 May 2014


I would like to share with you this great event I was working on recently. The ITCM Sale &Purchase-New Building Broking Company from Athens throw a great reception for their clients on last Wednesday. I was asked to style this event, design and customize it for them. Hope you will like the final effect shown on photos. The event took place in a beautiful Villa named “Island Private House” (event facility complex Island Art & Taste), located on Greek Riviera in Athens. My idea for decoration was very simple: “ITCM Welcome Cocktail Bar” plus little Welcome Chocolate display, for everyone in love with a different tastes of chocolate. The whole place was filled with warm lights of the little lanterns; I have designed especially for this event. I also have to mention that ITCM prepared a wonderful surprise for their clients donating the amount of money, spent for this event’s gifts, to the organization “ The Smile Of the Child”. Won’t say more …enjoy photos…have fun:)
After work we spent beautiful evening with the company and closed friends….:)

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