Hi everyone I’m so happy to present you my lemon color inspired party, all made for my Polish friend Ania. Ania just moved to her new house and she decided to throw a little party in her beautiful garden:) I was very happy when she asked me to style a dessert table for her. She really loved some of my favorite black and yellow paper straws I brought to show her and she decided that a homemade fresh lemonade would fit them perfectly. So as I got the lemons as a main party accent I quickly designed the matching party printable collection. It was such a big fun creating this cute dessert table in Ania’s beautiful kitchen. Have a look at all paper prints I used to style yummy home cakes and some other yum treats:)
Enjoy the tour…

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7.07.2013_8 7.07.2013_9 7.07.2013_10 7.07.2013_11 7.07.2013_12 7.07.2013_13

7.07.2013_14 7.07.2013_15






7.07.2013_21 7.07.2013_22

7.07.2013_23 7.07.2013_24 7.07.2013_25


7.07.2013_27 7.07.2013_28 7.07.2013_29 7.07.2013_30 7.07.2013_31 7.07.2013_32 7.07.2013_33 7.07.2013_34

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