Simple Elegant Table Decoration
15 listopada 2013
Gingerbread Inspired Candy Bar
6 grudnia 2013

Little Geisha Party


Hi everyone, I am so happy I finely found time to finish the whole presentation of the “Little Geisha” birthday party we had styled on Friday. I was so happy to be part of it:)
I had designed this cute geisha party printable to make this event even more special and my super friend Jessie baked all these delicious Japanese themed cookies, plus really stunning cake for our table centerpiece! We had prepared this beautiful work area in the kitchen for girls to style their own cookies and in the salon – we had styled a great Japanese Candy Bar with a simple table setting for each geisha to enjoy:)
What can I say I just hope you will love our work and be inspired by every single detail we took care of….Have fun watching our photos…

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