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18 kwietnia 2013
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7 czerwca 2013

Lovely Brunch with my Amazing Friend Ewa

4.05.2013_1This day was all about lovely brunch I had with my very good friend Ewa. I haven’t seen her for a long time and it was such a surprise for me when she called and told me that she is in Athens. I was so happy I was going to see her!!! I got the idea to meet in my garden for a little brunch time. Immediately arranged a few sweet treats, fruits, ice tea and lemonade all garnish with food labels, simple centerpiece – pink roses nicely presented in green glasses from Ikea. We had lots of fun talking, taking pictures and simply chatting with my little ones.
Before i invite you for a photo session I would love to say a bit more about my special friend, as she is the one who inspired so many people in my country. Polish women usually call her: “the trainer of the entire Poland”. Ewa is an amazing person with so many great ideas for living, she just published her first book “ Change Your Life with Ewa Chodakowska” which became one of the bestsellers in my country. What can I say, I am simply proud for being a part of your life Ewa!!! and I so love your job and i think you are so special that you deserved the best!!! I’m so so happy you could visit us today and we could catch up again…love you girl!
Enjoy brunch photo tour…












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