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4 marca 2013
Paper Rosettes
4 kwietnia 2013

Make Your Easter Egg Frame

I saw this great idea somewhere on the Internet and I just  couldn’t wait to create my own frames with these colorful Easter eggs. They are so simple to make it and looking amazing if you frame them nicely. You will basically need a white cardstock paper plus a few colorful papers (I used various patterns to create my eggs collection), scissors, a small paper cutter (to cut out the shape of egg), glue, paspartu and your wall frame. Please follow the photos for each step.
You can easily make them together with your kids. Have fun and let me know if you like it…

16.03.2013_2 16.03.2013_3 16.03.2013_4 16.03.2013_5 16.03.2013_6 16.03.2013_7

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