Paper Flower Ball
31 maja 2013
Cupcake Cases to Style the Flower Ball
13 września 2013

Pom-Pom balloons DIY

These balloons are definitely my next best party diy !!! and I going to make them for my girls’ next event:) These amazing balloons are really so easy to do and so cute looking. Im so happy I found this DIY on Design Improvised blog and Im happy to share it with you.
All you need is a bit of  time, good mood, few balloons, glue gun and little glitter pom-poms. And even hot glue sounds like a bit of balloon popping situation, Healey says to put a small amount of hot glue on the pom-pom first and then stick it on the balloon. Simply glue your chosen pom-poms all over the balloons for the perfect results!!!
Have fun, and big thanks for this lovely DIY!








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