Red Picnic for Litttle Alexandra

17 October 2013

17.10.2013_2Hi everyone today I would like to share with you a few photos from this beautiful picnic made for little Alexandra christening day.
Last Saturday together with my friend Jessie, we had created these yummy and sweet Candy Bars to give the picnic a little sweet taste. Jessie made all delicious picnic theme cookies and I designed picnic printable collection to style our dessert table. Alexandra’s mum and Jessie agreed to the little ants motive I placed on party designs. I think everyone knows that these tiny creatures are always a regular picnic visitors, so here we go:) As you follow the photos you will notice many cute party details, but please have a good look at the super cute favors prepared for the kids. I am so in loved with the idea of a little tin pail, where kids could find a small craft envelope filled with a plant seed to plant, all decorated only with a red ribbon and “thank you” flower tag. Simple and beautiful:) ….No more words, lets watch and enjoy all picnic photos together:)…
Big thanks to talented Jessie; Your cookies are simply The Art!  All picnic designs soon in our party shop:)
Big kiss to all Alexandra’s family!

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Stylizacja Monika “LoveSimple Creations” and Jessie
Wypieki Jessie
Papierowa Kolekcja Dekoracyjna “LoveSimple Creations”