Strawberry Party
12 lipca 2013
Lovely Baptism Party for Wladek
30 lipca 2013

Sunday in Our Garden


I thought I won’t do anything special on Sunday. Then I posted this gorgeous romantic table on FB and I simply couldn’t stop thinking of making one in my mum’s garden. Me and my sister prepared a few snacks, my girls collected some garden fruits – yummy cherries and strawberries for sweet pasta, I cut some beautiful pink hydrangea flowers and we were all set for the mini garden brunch. I called a few friends and we had the most beautiful day. I’m so happy we spent it that way as the Sunday sun was spoiling us the whole day:)
And I’m also happy to share our photos with you…

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22.07.2013_17 22.07.2013_18 22.07.2013_19 22.07.2013_20 22.07.2013_21 22.07.2013_22 22.07.2013_23 22.07.2013_24 22.07.2013_25

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